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Bka Onon

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Art by Bka Onon (omg that's me)
With NDMPL III wrapping up last week with Pharloom Pheromosas as the winners, we wanted a place to highlight the many teams used throughout the tour for the NDM community.

  • This is for teams used in, or heavily considered for use, in NDMPL III ONLY.
  • A Pokepaste would be preferred in terms of formatting. Sprites would also be a helpful addition.
  • Descriptions / Stories about the teams are allowed (encouraged, even) but consider using a spoiler tag if they end up being very long.

Hope everyone shares their epic builds and hope everyone had fun during the tour!

Bka Onon

Nameless Summer
is a Pre-Contributor
Hello hello, it is, the Bka Onon
This was my first NDMPL and I had a pretty good record of 4-2, here's everything I built and used, had a lot of fun!
Also I always name my teams after songs from a band, so I'll make sure to include the songs for anyone interested

Week 1
VS Sunnyboi0
So Sunny is probably the guy I play the tier the most, and we both know each others' playstyles and teams very well, so this was a fight mainly of prep, and I loaded something comfy but with still unexpected stuff, this is still one of my fav Psy builds I've made and the game was super fun.

Week 2
VS Vodoom
The Team
Hands down the best team I've made in this tier probably ever, for more info please check out the RMT

Week 3
VS Mateeus
Extremely standard Fairy team? Except it's the future, SD Bolt-Beam Valiant goes so hard in so many mus when backed by the rest of the team it's insane, this was a lazy build pretty much but it came out to be pretty effective.

Week 4
VS Coo1313
Decided to Bo3 this week, this was for Game 1; just a fat Steel team which focuses on spamming twave to open Hex Dengo and DIB Melm, nothing flashy but it's just annoying and it works really well

-Reused W2 Ice-
VS Coo1313

This team never got to be used since I made it for G3 but it never reached there, so it's been sitting in my builder but this was some premier cooking; Luna with Chansey wish support is a hell of a drug, if you can manage hazards, Chansey is legit better than Blissey though that is hard at times, but for this team, I found practically having multiple lunas rather epic

Week 5
VS Neko
Ok this was memeing more than anything because this week basically didn't matter for us, so I just wanted to have fun, but I still came out with a pretty fun and weirdly good team tbh, it may give u a seizure if u look at it thooo.

VS Neko (again lol)
Ok I had to use my favourite mon (Serperior) atleast once right??? Jokes aside, I felt a lot of potential in this team with the configuration I had in HP Rock Serp and Oger-H, i felt Oger-H would flip Grass' reputation; sadly Neko thought the same and got luckier, pensive.

So yea, that was all, hope you guys like the teams or something, Idk use them, have fun!
Btw S/O to style.css Sunnyboi0 and Cielau for helping me test and build

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